Mao tse-tung and china

Mao Tse-Tung, who saw the potential in China to become an industrial power in the world, started a brutal and harsh regime. He ordered to make steel plants throughout the  country. The farmers had to produce enough food to feed the country and to export enough to pay for the industrialization. It worked for a while, but very soon the plan failed and the country did not have enough food. Many people died. The amount of people that had been killed during this time is estimated to be within 30 million and 60 million people.

Joseph stalin and russia

  To ensure his position, Joseph Stalin enslaved people of the Communist Party and arrested them. He accused them of treachery, and more than 1.2 million party members were arrested. He also was known to order murders on his competitors which helped him keep his position. 
He also did the same to the people of Ukraine, committing one of the biggest, yet almost forgotten, genocides in the world. Almost the entire population was wiped out during this famine